Once in a lifetime, Annapurna

I had my doubts, and mostly my fears before taking this trip. But I can honestly say that I have no regrets for taking this trip. I had an amazing experience. The sherpas guided us super well. They always stood ready to help when needed. Even when you didn’t know you’d need them they were there. The organization took great care, everything was arraigned in such a way that you never have to worry. They go to great hights to give you a once in a lifetime experience!

I would recommend them too everyone who’s thinking of traveling to Nepal!!!
They allowed for me to stand on top of the world!!!

Ines Libert

Professional, experienced and a whole lot of fun!

Harka is my go to trekking company in Nepal. I’ve trekked in Nepal for years and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone considering coming to the land of the Himalayas. They are professional and very easy to communicate with and will look after all your needs. Go on, give ‘am a call, plan that next trip!!

Steve Beatty

Trekking excellent

Raj was an amazing guide with immense experience and a fantastic person. Trekking with him was a fabulous experience and his hospitality was a lovely change. Brilliant people and a once in a lifetime experience.

Paul Ramble

Next level treck

Hey there!!
Trekking with Raj is not just a walk but also an amazing adventure. He is an experienced guide who will teach you how to overcome hard paths and routes and help you to get in touch with Nepal culture and enjoy Himalayan landscapes. He leads you through his experience! He is a peaceful, concious and funny guy. I felt very comfortable and always counting with his advices.
He is the best guide I’ve ever met!

Deborah Cornadó


Anyone who ever hikes or plans to visit Nepal, whether it is Everest or one of the easier hikes, you should only consider using Raj Magar and HARKAADVENTURE! Raj is so experienced and professional. He can literally carry you out if anything was ever needed. He knows the mountains like the back of his hand. He speaks fluent english, and provides a complete hiking experience! All you do is show up! Everything is arranged and provided for you. He is FUN, professional and experienced to the point that he will take care of you 100% . So many of the hiking companies charge way more and give you less service. Best Deal, best prices and best experience. You can TRUST Raj! He will become like family!

Barbara Parker